We provide sales and services of our high quality AB5 metal hydride storage products for hydrogen storage. We can also do customized design and manufacturing of AB5 metal hydride storage product. All our AB5 metal hydride storage products have the following specification:
  1. Released hydrogen has purity up to 99.9999%.
  2. Hydrogen release temperature / pressure : 0~60°C / 0.2 (20°C)
  3. Hydrogen refill temperature / pressure : 0~40°C / 1.0~1.5 MPa
  4. Hydrogen flow rate: 2l/min
  5. Heat exchange: air convention / water bath

Dimension: 185 x 120 x 120 mm
Capacity: 500 ± 5% liters

HB-FR02-0500-B weighs only 7.5 kg and stores around 500 liters of hydrogen. It is suitable for use in laboratory where hydrogen usage is not high. It is very portable due to its design and weight. It makes an ideal solution where hydrogen is required occasionally and can be shared among equipments. It can provide hydrogen to 5 units of GC at the same time.


Dimension: 280 mm (L) x 60 mm (dia.)
Capacity: 300 ± 5% liters

HB-SC-0300-N weighs only 3kg and stores around 300 liters of hydrogen. It is design as a backup source of hydrogen in laboratory and can provide hydrogen for stationary instruments like GC, GC-MS, etc. It can provide hydrogen to 3 units of GC at the same time.
HB-PR-1800 / 2400

Dimension: 335 x 345 x 160 mm
Capacity: 1800 liters

HB-PR-1800 is designed as a mini-hydrogen station for medium size laboratory.

Dimension: 335 x 345 x 300 mm
Capacity: 2400 liters

HB-PR-2400 is designed as a hydrogen station for large laboratory. It can meet the demand of instruments in labs, VOC and THC stations for over a month.

Dimension: 360 mm (L) x 75 mm (dia.)
Capacity: 600 ± 5% liters

HB-SC-0600-N is designed for use as a hydrogen station in laboratory where portability is not important. It weighs 6kg and can supply 600 liters of hydrogen.

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