Non-LED product from Taiwan

We also offer innovative non-LED products from Taiwan.

 Low Profile Programmable Ceiling Fan
Low profile ceiling fan for 2 ft x 2ft false ceiling
Dimension 602 x 602 x 200mm
Ceiling Clearance > 130mm
Protrusion from Ceiling 70mm
Air Exit Dimension 16"
Fan Blade Dimension14" +/- 5%
5.0kg +/- 100g
Applicable Heights < 4.0m
Input Power
AC110V/60Hz, AC220V/60Hz
Power Consumption Low : 40W +/- 2W
Medium : 45W +/- 2W
High : 48W +/- 2W
Sleep Mode 2, 4 and 6 hours
Remote IR Controller Sensing Range 12.0m
Applications Confined space / Enhanced air circulation
RemarkDesigned and Made in Taiwan (Patented)

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